1.5x  Exp

10x  Taming

3.5x  Harvest

20x   Egg hatch

10x    Maturation

0.25   Babycuddleintervalmultiplier

0.5x    Egg lay interval

0.01x  Matingintervalmultiplier

Max Levels

Max Wild Creature = 150

Max Wild Tek Dinosaur = 180

Max Wild Wyvern/Rock Drake Eggs = 190

Max Character Level = 105 (+30 Ascension Levels)(+5 Chibi levels)

Other useful info

Fishing and loot crate quality 2.0x

15 minute autosaves

Cave flyers enabled

Player food stamina and water drain is also dropped to 0.8x

We have a community center at 19.39 - 31.30 on rag